COOL CHANGE - The Biggest Little Band in Town!

Cool Rock, Dance Music ... and a Whole Lot More!

"You'll Sing Along with Every Song!" - Continuous Favorites! ...

COOL CHANGE is a North Pittsburgh Live Band which Entertains as well as supplies an Amazing Variety of Classic Music!


No gimmicks, no silly costumes, no fake music tracks ... just a huge array of great favorite classic music hits ranging anywhere from the 50s to today performed by talented and experienced musicians and vocalists.

The Members:

JACK on vocals and keyboards of any sort, is an accomplished musician who has written, recorded and performed around the country since age 16 with a variety of professional bands spanning everything from rock to polka! Whatever the people want to hear, Jack can cover it!

ROBERT on vocals, guitar and bass is also an accomplished musician who has performed around the country with professional show bands of all kinds since age 18. He can rip it up on guitar easily covering guitar legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Santana, while covering vocal artists as well with his smooth vocals. He can hit the low notes of Johnny Cash, reach the high notes of Smokey Robinson, and wail on some Grand Funk Railroad effortlessly.


BRIAN on acoustic and electronic drums. To put it simply - he nails it on every song!And he supplies the solid dance beat to keep your fingers snappin' and your toes tappin'!

The Music:

COOL CHANGE PRIDES THEMSELVES ON VARIETY and performs classic hits from the 50ís through the sounds of today.Since the formation of COOL CHANGE, their expectation has been to have any song be fair game for their play list, as long as it is a crowd favorite.As someone had once put it, "They are all over the map" when it comes to song selection. They want everyone to be able to tap their feet, dance, and sing along to songs they know and love the whole night!You'll be amazed at the versatility of the group.So if you're one of those people who gets bored when listening to a band play one type of music all night long, stop by for a COOL CHANGE, you'll be glad you did.

The Band:
Jack actually started this project as acoustic piano entertainment in 2011, but with the addition of the other members, the project soon evolved into a successful variety/dance band.And the guys love to have fun, are very personable, and encourage some crowd interaction as they entertain.Besides great music, "Fun" is the name of the game.And with their experience and talent, the 3-piece group at most times sounds more like a 4 or 5 piece band - hence, "The Biggest Little Band in Town!"AND COOL CHANGE IS PROUD TO SAY: Unlike most small bands, or even larger bands today, all music and vocals are performed LIVE - NO PRE-RECORDED OR KARAOKE BACKING TRACKS ARE USED - They can actually say, "WE ARE A LIVE BAND!"

And COOL CHANGE caters to your crowd and plays the appropriate music for your venue or party. And if you would like to hear us, please check out our schedule and feel free to join us at any show for the best experience in sound, quality, and performance. See our full and updated schedule on our web site at:

For more info or to book, email: